irrigation services can meet all your needs from installation to maintenance and repair to spring startups and fall winterizations and everything in between.


  • System Installation
  • System Remodels
  • Drip Systems


  • Spring Startups
  • Fall Winterization
  • Maintenance and Repair Programs
  • Irrigation Rebuilds

Spring Startups:

Hiring a professional for your irrigation system's spring startup is important for prolonging the life and improving the efficiency of the system. Simply turning the irrigation system on after a long winter of being dormant can damage the pipes and burst fittings by the sudden surge of air pressure. By having NLM Services professionally prepare your irrigation system for spring you ensure your entire system can run efficiently throughout the warm weather months.

Our Spring Startups include:

  1. Inspect the back flow and secure the plug
  2. Turn on water supply by building pressure slowly to avoid damaging the valves and heads
  3. Identify possible leaks
  4. Test the sprinkler system by each individual zone
  5. Check and adjust all sprinkler heads
  6. Plan for repairs if needed
  7. Program and bring up to date the sprinkler system controller 
  8. Ensure all your landscaping is being properly watered and the entire system is running efficiently!


Each year your irrigation system must be winterized or blown out before the first frost to avoid causing damage. If your irrigation system is not properly winterized your pipes could freeze and burst during our cold winter months creating costly repairs. Hiring a professional to winterize your system ensures your safety and that the irrigation system will run efficiently at the spring startup. 

Our Winterization includes:

  1. Ensure water is shut off properly
  2. Drain exterior water supply
  3. "Blow out" the water remaining in irrigation lines with compressed air
  4. Shut down the system controller
  5. Make note of any irrigation needs that need to be addressed for the Spring